Illustrator, Art Director and Musician.
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Featured In:

Contra Tiempo #146, Content Collaborator, Chicago, 2019

Contra Tiempo #142, Cover Artwork & Layout, Chicago, 2018

The Devil’s Reign book 4, show & art compendium, Curated by Peter H. Gilmore, Howl  books, 2018

The Devil’s Reign book 3, art compendium, Curated by Peter H. Gilmore, Howl books, 2017

Desafinados: 25 years of punk in Pilsen & Little Village, Co-Prosperity Sphere,Chicago, 2016

Smoke and Bone Altars, Solo Exhibition, Pilsen Outpost, Chicago, 2015

Latino Art Now! Conference, Speaker, “The Making of an Equitable City, The Artists Talk” Chicago, 2016

Mail Me Art: Short and Sweet, art compendium, Curated by Darren DiLieto, London, 2013

The Devil’s Reign book 2, art compendium, Curated by Peter H. Gilmore, Howl books

ENAP Illustrators Catalogue, FAD-UNAM, México City, 2005 & 2006

Five Young Promises, Reforma newspaper, curated by Bernardo Fernandez, 2003



Ambassadors and Consular Representatives Reunion, REC2019, Group Show, Mexico City, 2019
  • Collected Works, 2015-2018, Starlounge, Solo Show, Chicago 2018
  • The Devil’s Reign, Howl Books, Group Show, Fort Myers 2018
  • Acting Out! 2017, Derek Hess Gallery, Group Show, Cleveland, 2017
  • Prints of Unusual Size, Group Show, Hoofprint Gallery, Chicago, 2017.
  • Sketchmas 2, Pilsen Outpost. Group Show, Chicago, 2016
Desafinados: 25 years of punk and underground culture in Pilsen and Little Village, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Group Show, Chicago, 2016
InnerCityTimes, Julia De Burgos Latino Cultural Center, Group Show, New York City 2016
  • The Black and White Show, The Egg, Group Show, Chicago, 2016
7.8 Richter, OPEN studio for the arts, Group Show, Chicago, 2016
  • Symbol, curated by Diana Solis, Cobalt Studio, Group Show, Chicago, 2016
Lxs Grises IV fest, Casa Galería, Group Show, Mexico City, 2016
  • Surreal, OPEN center for the arts, Group Show, Chicago, 2016
  • Grotesco, festival de cultura horrible, Group Show, Cuernavaca, 2016

  • Niñas, Division del Norte Station, Group Show, Mexico City, 2016
InnerCityTimes, Julia De Burgos Latino Cultural Center, Group Show, New York City, 2016
Sketchmas, Sketchbook Showcase Pilsen Outpost, Group Show, Chicago, 2015
  • Smoke and Bone Altars, Pilsen Outpost, Solo Show, Chicago, 2015

  • Niñas, group show, Multiforo Alicia, Group Show, Mexico City, 2015
  • Bike Art Show, group show, Genesis Art Supplies, Group Show, Chicago, 2015
  • ArtDeckCo: The Art of Skateboarding, Group Show, Chicago, 2014, Portland, Oakland, Houston, 2015
Perdí Mi Wallet En la Cermak, Pilsen Outpost, Group Show, Chicago, 2014
One Inspired Evening, Charity Art Auction, curated by Tony Fitzpatrick, Group Show, Chicago, 2014
Curly Tale Gallery, Featured Artist, Group Show, Chicago, 2013
  • RAW Chicago: Translations Showcase, Double Door, Group Show, Chicago, 2013
  • Mail Me Art: short and sweet, book, curated by Darren DiLieto, Group Show, London, 2013
One Inspired Evening, Charity Art Auction, curated by Tony Fitzpatrick, Group Show, Chicago, 2013
Contratiempo #100 Event, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Featured, Group Show, Chicago, 2012
HOPE, Curly Tale Gallery, Group Show, Chicago, 2012
Untitled. I am Logan Square Gallery, Group Show, Chicago, 2012
  • Pictoplasma: Missing link, Gaite Lyrique Gallery, Group Show, Paris, 2012
Friends of the Beast, Oh No! Doom! Gallery, Group Show, Chicago, 2011
ENAP Illustrators Catalogue, UNAM, Group Show, México City, 2005 & 2006



Future Shock

Concrete Graves

Past Projects:

Street Creature

Dirt Church

39 steps (Mexico)

All artwork ©Arturo Fresán